Sunday, August 07, 2005

"The Painted Veil" remake to start shooting in Beijing

"The Painted Veil" remake to start shooting in Beijing 2005-08-06 12:51:55

BEIJING, Aug. 6 -- A remake of the 1934 Hollywood classic "The Painted Veil" will begin August 15 at Beijing Film Studios.
Based on the same name novel by W. Somerset Maugham, "The Painted Veil" tells the story of a woman, whose husband ignores her in favor of his medical research, begins a journey of self-discovery while fighting a cholera epidemic with her husband in China.
In the remake, Naomi Watts, replacing Nicole Kidman, and Edward Norton will take the roles originally played by Greta Garbo and Herbert Marshall.
This US$ 34 million production is helmed by John Curran (We Don't Live Here Anymore).
Inside Beijing Film Studios, several sets, including a "Chinese style of straw house" have been constructed and the costume department has completed its share of the work.
Shooting will last about 12 weeks in Beijing, Shanghai and the southeastern province of Guangxi. The original plan of shooting the feature in London and Hong Kong had been scrapped.  


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